Trenchless Sewer Repair: More Money in the Bank, and Peace of Mind

Trenchless sewer repair isn't just an added service - it’s our only service - and TerraBurst is the only company in town that provides a "no surprises" experience. Every time.

TerraBurst overcomes the challenges of traditional sewer repair - ugly trenches, destroyed landscaping and massive costs - by using the industry's latest technology. With TerraBurst, your yard, your garage (and your investment!) remains intact, while keeping costs at an absolute minimum. Here's how:

1) We use industry standard methods and equipment to get the job done right. There are two new techniques for sewer repair and replacement – pipe bursting, and pipe lining. With both techniques, a camera is fed through your line to carefully diagnose and understand the problem, and no trenches are required to fix the pipe. Trenchless pipe bursting involves digging two small pits to access the line, feeding a new pipe through your existing broken pipe, and breaking up (or "bursting") the old pipe and removing it.

On occasion, pipe bursting can threaten other utility lines buried nearby and in these cases, CIPP/pipe lining is used. During the process, a single access pit is dug and a flexible tube is pulled through your existing broken pipe. This flexible tube is coated in a high-tech material that hardens into a strong, new pipe. The tube is inflated and presses against the old pipe, essentially forming a new pipe within the old pipe.

Both methods are reliable, exceptionally strong, surprisingly quick, and far less expensive than traditional methods of sewer line repair.

2) We are Calgary's best equipped, most experienced, and most trustworthy team. We pride ourselves on being the only company in Calgary that provides a "no surprises" experience - this means we always stand by our original quote, and even when there are unexpected complications with your sewer line, we refuse to stick you with the bill.

With TerraBurst, our own proper due diligence combined with an expert crew means jobs are completed on time and on budget. No exceptions. No excuses.

Give us a call 24/7 - an inspection and initial estimate is free!