The preferred method of trenchless infrastructure replacement, allowing size on size, or even a larger pipe than original to be installed in situ. It involves simultaneous destruction of existing pipe, and replacement with new pipe. An oversized hardened steel cone is pulled through an existing pipe which fractures the old pipe and displaces it outwards into the soil. The new HDPE pipe follows, attached to the back of the steel cone.

How does pipe bursting work?

Two small pits are dug to gain access to either end of the existing pipe. At the launch pit, a seamless HDPE pipe is attached to the bursting head in preparation for installation. A heavy duty cable is inserted through the existing line ready to be replaced. At one end the bursting head and new pipe is attached, along with a pulling unit at the other end. Using hydraulic force, the machine tensions the cable and the bursting head and new HDPE line are pulled through the existing pipe. The new line is connected and inspected, and the entry pits are filled and returned to their original condition.

The advantages of pipe bursting

With pipe bursting no trenches are required, leaving your lawn, driveway, or beautiful landscaping intact. We install a brand new HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipe, which is impenetrable to roots, immune to shearing and chemicals, and is fully guaranteed for 30 years.

In most cases, our crew can be in and out in one day. Which means the entire job – including inspection, preparation, exposing the pipe, and backfilling – can usually be completed before you return home from work. We tend to be spot on with our estimates, and can let you know the project duration at the time of inspection.