A tried and true method of trenchless casing installation, where a pipe is pushed through soil, while a rotating auger inside the pipe removes soil and debris.

How does auger boring work?

The open end of a pipe is aligned to its target or destination in the earth (e.g., beneath a roadway). The other end is affixed to hydraulic jacks that thrust the
casing into the soil, while rotating augers within the casing cut away at the earth
face, and remove soil. The soil and debris that are removed by the auger are pushed out the end of the pipe and removed.

The advantages of auger boring

When accurate geo-technical reports are available and conditions are favourable, auger boring has an extremely high success rate. It is a well-known and versatile technique that is effective under many different conditions. It significantly reduces surface disruption, and allows for subsurface construction and surface activities to occur simultaneously.

Notable Projects

  • Stewart Creek Golf Course – hammered casing 2 x 48” shots, and augured casing.
  • Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino in Kananaskis, 24” road crossing under the busy HWY 40.