Colin Reardon, President & CEO

Colin is an underground infrastructure leader with a rock-solid reputation for outstanding quality, reliability, and know-how. Working his way up through the industry from the bottom to the top, as a project foreman, heavy equipment operator, and heavy equipment mobilization expert, he has the extensive experience and knowledge to complete the job safely and efficiently.

He has overseen many large municipal and commercial infrastructure projects, and has done it all — from main replacement, open excavation, utility locating, installation of gas, electrical, and telecommunications services, small and large-scale sewer main replacement, and installation of water and sanitary force mains. As the resident pipe bursting specialist and the founder of TerraBurst (and all around good guy!), Colin’s “no excuses” approach means your job gets completed on time and on budget—every time.

Clay Rivard, Superintendent

Clay’s project management, leadership, and attention to detail make him an indispensable member of our project team. With over 12 years experience in underground infrastructure, Clay has specialized in every manner of sewer and water replacement methodologies.

Clay is a successful manager delivering high value for every project notwithstanding size or scope, his reputation for quality often precedes him. Clay will manage every aspect of the project – from main to foundation, mobilization to materials, quote to completion and customer satisfaction. Clay is an expert is asset and resource utilization and works methodically with clients to accommodate a timeline, budget, and needs. He runs a tight ship at TerraBurst and continually drives himself and his team to deliver optimal results.