TerraBurst has built a rock solid reputation for quality workmanship, the utmost professionalism, and a no-compromises approach to underground infrastructure. We are searching for the newest member of our highly skilled team - an individual to support our Vision of "being a household name and the unquestionable "go to team" by becoming the new industry standard in trenchless technology in Western Canada".

TerraBurst is a brother(and sister!)hood. Every member of our team has a role and sees their own value. TerraBurst is not hierarchical, nor is it just a job – it is room to grow personally and professionally, it is a new standard in team conduct, and it is a place where everyone has your back.

We are looking for a Foreman with a minimum of five years' experience as a pipelayer or foreman. We are looking for a Foreman an established track record of client satisfaction, crew safety, and teamwork. This individual is the team leader and not surprisingly, has a direct impact on TerraBurst's success, safety record, reputation, and bottom line. The Foreman will support the President & CEO, as well as the crew, through coordination, execution, and planning.

Primary Assignments:

  • Train, mentor, and develop all colleagues to build a strong team
  • Perform on-site coordination of manpower, materials, and equipment to complete the project
  • Ensure environmental stewardship, and adherence to all regulations throughout the construction process
  • Attend and lead project "Tool Box Meetings"
  • Document all pertinent project information, including locates, safety considerations, employee concerns, equipment logs, driving logs, inspection notes, etc.
  • Conduct initial and ongoing job safety assessments; report all incidents, near misses and injuries and implement changes to reduce reoccurrence
  • Lead by example in ensuring company policies, core values and culture are being consistently achieved

Character Traits:

  • Respect for yourself, for your crew, for your customer, and for company equipment
  • Highly ethical with a keen eye for quality workmanship
  • Committment to human relationships - with your crew, and your customer
  • Excellent communication skills, including verbal, written and hand signals
  • Proven leadership skills - leading, coordinating, organizing, and planning
  • Detail oriented while working well under pressure
  • Assertive and work well on your own, and within a team

Know-How and Industry Savvy:

  • Ability to read and understand blueprints, specifications, schedules and costing reports
  • Thorough understanding of construction procedure and safety practices
  • Extensive knowledge of proper equipment utilization, operation, and maintenance
  • 5-10 years experience in a Foreman position
  • 10 years of underground, water & sewer experience
  • Understanding of contracts, asset utilization and costing

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