Our FAQs are organized by industry. Still got questions? Drop us a line at ops@terraburst.ca.

Can I call you for municipal or commercial plumbing issues? 

TerraBurst’s crew and equipment are capable of handling any pipe replacement job, but we specialize in residential sewer line repair.  Oftentimes, symptoms of a faulty sewer line manifest as plumbing problems in the home or office – fluctuating toilet bowl water levels, presence of sounds or scents.  If you’re unsure, its best to give us a call, especially when the initial inspection is on the house!

What other plumbing services do you offer?  Can I call you for drain clogs?

As described above, TerraBurst specializes in sewer line repair, and we prefer not to “water down” our crew or our expertise by offering a multitude of plumbing services.  However, our team is highly skilled – some of the best in the business! – and we know how stressful plumbing problems can be.  If you’re unsure, its best to give us a call, especially when the initial inspection is on the house!

How long will the repair take? 

Each sewer and each home is different, but TerraBurst uses the best technology on the market.  Trenchless sewer repair has myriad benefits – one of which is speed and efficiency.

The entire job – including inspection, preparation, exposing the pipe, and backfilling – usually takes a full day, maybe two days.  We tend to be spot on with our estimates, and can let you know the project duration at the time of inspection.

Will I be without water? (Can I use my toilet or do dishes?) 

If your sewer needs to be repaired, the diagnosis and much of the preparation can be completed without any interruption to your service.  By “preparation”, we mean surveying, digging and exposing the pipe.

The only time your water will be unavailable is during the actual pipe replacement – a process that takes approximately two hours. 

So, even though the entire project could take as little as one day, you will only be without water for a few hours.

Do I need to call the City? 

No.  TerraBurst takes care of every single detail – including all required permits, licenses, inspections, and reporting.

How much will it cost? 

We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing – bring us a quote from any of our competitors, and we’ll talk.  No matter what, you can be confident that TerraBurst offers the city’s best combination of specialists, technology and know-how.

How much does an inspection cost?

Your initial inspection is on the house!  We know home repair can be daunting – that’s why we want you to really understand what’s going on beneath your lawn.  We use digital cameras to survey and diagnose your sewer lines, and we want you to see what we see – we will show you the images of your sewer issues, and if you wish, explain the issues and repair process along the way. 

I have expensive landscaping.  Are you going to destroy it?

NO!  Only a small entry pit is dug, preserving your lawn and your investment.  For more information, please refer to the pipe bursting description above.

How soon can you be here?

You can call us 24/7, and we will have a specialist dispatched to you within an hour.

(But, if you get us out of bed at 11:00pm because you flushed a sock down the toilet …)